Student of the Month

Students of the Month for November 2016

6th - Emma Lear - Emma is a wonderful, kind, hard working girl. She is filled with integrity and the desire to please. I love her excellent behavior and smiling face.  Emma Lear is a young lady of integrity. I can be pretty confident when I say that I highly doubt she would ever be disrespectful, unruly, or defiant. She is a very disciplined girl who desires to do well.

 7th - Eli Ruedlinger - Eli is a high achieving, well behaved young man who is very deserving of this award. He works hard to maintain excellent grades and always treats peers and adults with respect. He is a part of what makes Thompkins a great place to be!

 8th - Brittney Shadrick - Brittney is always positive and always works very hard. She is always one of the first to volunteer to answer a question or help out and is always prepared for class with her assignments completed. Best of all - Brittney has a constant smile, gets along with everyone, and has a very kind heart. Brittney is not only one of my best students, but also one of the kindest that I have this year. She definitely works hard, has incredible study habits, and asks for help when she needs it - but what makes her stand out to me is that she is very respectful and positive to all of her classmates.